Selling a Home

Considering selling your home? Any broker can list your home on the multiple listing service or place ads on the internet. It is important to select a broker with experience. At Popkin Real Estate our individual brokers have been involved in hundreds and thousands of real estate transactions. While we can’t say we’ve seen it all…we certainly have the expertise to manage most anything that comes our way. In addition to dealing with complicated issues, experience helps in negotiating a favorable price and terms for our client’s transactions. Popkin Real Estate brokers are expert negotiators. In addition, having a real estate lawyer as the principal broker sets Popkin Real Estate apart from the competition. While Larry Popkin is not retained as a lawyer for Popkin Real Estate clients without a separate agreement, his knowledge and experience in all facets of real estate transactions allows him to provide expert advice to the company’s brokers and his clients in navigating through transactions. Contact us for a free consultation about selling your home.

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